Intruders – TV Miniseries (1992)

This 1992 TV miniseries, starring Mare Winningham and Richard Crenna is an excellent and scary story of alien abduction. Unfortunately, it has been all but forgotten. While it was released on VHS several years ago, and also on DVD in the United Kingdom, it has never been released on DVD in the United States.

Starting with an explanation that the government is fully aware of both the alien presence and human abductions, it goes on to tell the story of two women who have both experienced missing time and nightmares about aliens. Telephone repairmen with no faces come to get them, coming right through the walls.

Richard Crenna is a psychiatrist who ends up treating one of these women, and he is initially skeptical that this could be an actual alien encounter. As the evidence mounts and other women start reporting the same things, he is forced to change his mind. He is contacted by a government agent after speaking of this publicly and is offered the chance to join their program if he will agree to keep it a secret. He refuses and is discredited by others in his profession.

Interestingly, the government does not know much more than the average citizen, and are keeping the whole thing as quiet as possible to prevent a mass panic.

The story gets wrapped up, and might be over for these two women for now, but it is clear that the abductions will never really be over.

Cast: Richard Crenna, Mare Winningham, Susan Blakely, Daphne Ashbrook, Alan Autry

Director: Dan Curtis

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